Master of Applied Entrepreneurship (BA721)

The Programme

In  today’s  era  of  globalization  with rapid  and  continuous  change  in  work environment, competitive and sustainable advantage will increasingly depend on our capacity for innovation;  the  creation and  development of   something   new   through   knowledge,  skills,  and  creativity  of  individuals. This opportunity-focused approach  requires  a  creative  state  of mind  that  can  react  to unexpected problems    and    opportunities.    It    is therefore important to promote entrepreneurship    education    as    a stimulus    to    enterprising    behaviour among not only those aspiring to start and  run  business  enterprises,  but  also those  wishing  to  develop  the  necessary  survival  skills  in  today’s  fast changing world. This  programme  will  be  implemented by MASMED, UiTM  in cooperation with Faculty  of Business Management, UiTM. Upon completion  of  the  programme, the    graduates    will    lead    start-up companies  in  order  to  commercialise technologies that have been successfully presented (through business  plans)  and  approved  by  the Panel   of   Assessors.

Aim of the Programme

The    Master    of    Applied    Entrepreneurship programme aims  to produce  entrepreneurs/entrepreneurial   managers who are competent, efficient, effective and responsive  to  entrepreneurial  opportunities especially   in   the   face   of   challenges  of globalization and changing work environment. The   overall   aim   of   this   programme   is   to produce competent entrepreneurs / entrepreneurial   managers   who   have   the ability to:

  • identify,    select    and    evaluate feasible    and    viable    entrepreneurial opportunities;
  • make sound judgment in steering the   organization   forward   using latest managerial tools;
  • lead  and  engage  in  new  and competitive    ventures    and    to ensure sustainability; 
  • deal  with  complex  business  and entrepreneurial issues  facing new and emerging ventures;
  • practice ethical and professional values in managing their ventures locally and globally.

Programme Duration

The Master of Applied Entrepreneurship requires 24 months of part-time study during weekends comprising a total of 12 weeks of entrepreneurial internship.

Programme Structure

The program has been designed to help   students   to   generate  ideas and  develop them  into  business plans,  using  real-life examples to inspire them. The curriculum is explicitly  built  around  six integrated core courses (24 credits):

  • Entrepreneurial Opportunity Analysis & Business Planning
  • Entrepreneurial Marketing
  • Managing Innovation & Technology Entrepreneurship
  • Operations Management
  • Entrepreneurial Financial Management
  • Entrepreneurial Strategic Management


Two  of  the  three  program  electives (8 credits):

  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Business Application System
  • International Entrepreneurship


A compulsory activity (12 credits):

  • Project: Entrepreneurial Internship.

Entrepreneurial Internship
Over a period of twelve weeks during the  final  semester,  each  student  will undertake a real-life business incubation    project    to    assess    the feasibility  of,  finalise  a  new  venture plan   for,  develop   the   infrastructure for,  prepare  a  funding  proposal  for and/or  launch  a  new  venture.  This may be the students’ own venture or they may work with other entrepreneurs. The actual   activities undertaken and venture plan written are largely determined  by the developmental stage that the venture  has  reached  by  the  time the students begin the project.

Teaching & Learning Strategy
Overall  teaching-learning  strategy  will  be  focused  on relevant teaching pedagogies that emphasise experience,  action  and  reflective  practices  which  can help  students  acquire  entrepreneurial values, traits and attributeThe  course  will  be  delivered  through  a  combination  of lectures   and   tutorials,   small   group   works, web-based learning, and independent learning. The students are encouraged to undertake  independent  study  both  to supplement  and  consolidate  what  is being  taught/learnt  and  to  broaden their individual knowledge and understanding of the subject.

The  programme assessment incorporates in-class assessment and out-of-class  assignments.  In-class assessment will be used in order to provide  spot  checks  of  how  well students    are    learning specific concepts through continuous assessment  and  final  examination. For out-of-class assignments, students are assessed through individual/group   projects written reports and oral presentation. Entrepreneurial project will be assessed through:

  • Reports and practice-based assessments.
  • Client evaluation of student’s work and relationship.

    Presentation of final project/business plan.

Entry Requirement

The programme is designed for existing and aspiring entrepreneurs and those running family businesses. The profile of the participants of this programme will be as follows:

The candidate should:

  • hold a first degree and earn a CGPA of at least 2.75;  
  • have an equivalent qualification in any discipline from an approved university;
  • possess a professional qualification from a recognized professional body;
  • passess Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning (APEL) T-7 from Malaysia Qualification Agency (MQA)
  • hold other qualifications approved by the University Senate from time to time;
  • The candidate has some track record as budding entrepreneur;
  • The candidate is on the verge of beginning a new entrepreneurial venture with exceptional track recordboth in academic as well as in professional experience.


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