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All academic and non-students entrepreneurship activities are conducted by the Centre for Training, Research and Education. At this centre, we believe in the practical application of entrepreneurship concepts advocated by both professionals and scholars. Tools such as Design Thinking, Business Model Canvas and Blue Ocean Strategy are carefully incorporated into all our courses to allow our participants to get the best results in their entrepreneurship journey. On top of that, our centre partners with major agencies that support the development of Malaysia’s entrepreneurship ecosystem by being one of their preferred training providers.
The centre also coordinates research related activities for MASMED. We conduct annual conferences, publish journals and other reading materials as well as conducting contract research for the private sectors. Our international partnerships are also managed from this centre.
The following are the list of activities our centre provides:

Non-students (in collaboration with industry players)
1)    SME@ University
2)    Entrepreneurship Educators Enhancement Programme (3EP)
3)    Love for the Revert Social Entrepreneurship Program
4)    MTDC-UiTM

Academic Programs
1)   Masters in Applied Entrepreneurship (BM721)
2)   Postgraduate Training (TIE2)
3)   Unicorn Scholars Program

Research Related Programs:
1)    National Conference on Entrepreneurship (NiCE)
2)    Asean Entrepreneurship Conference (AEC)
3)    Asean Entrepreneurship Journal (AEJ)

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