Human Capital Development Overview

At MASMED all student related activities are coordinated and organized by the Centre for Human Capital Development. Headed by Dr. Hardi Loh bin Rahim, this centre aims to encourage students to explore the possibility of pursuing a career as an entrepreneur. We believe in early exposure and a wholistic approach in engaging the students. Students are will be exposed to entrepreneurship as early as their orientation week and will be continually given exposure throughout their study in UiTM via free courses conducted by the centre. The centre also has designed a full spectrum of activities and services including financing to help students ease their way into entrepreneurship.
The following are the programs conducted by the centre:
1)    Online Business Springboard (OBS)
2)    Program Latihan Keushawanan Mahasiswa (PLKM)
3)    Graduate (GraCe Lab)
4)    MASMED Event Managers Training (MASMED Avengers)
5)    Product Innovation Showcase (PRiDE 2.0)
6)    Tabung Keushawanan Siswa

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